The Treehouse Kids’ Club is a Wednesday after-school program for grades K-5th. Our main goal is to teach children about Jesus by demonstrating His actions to them. We want them to learn that Jesus desires an active, day-to-day relationship with all of us! Jesus was always down on His knee, eye-level with children, talking face to face, as a friend, a companion, a beloved teacher.

With that in mind, the Treehouse Kids’ Club offers a variety of activities that allow children to discover the Truth of God’s Word and that stimulate their imagination. Children meet in a large group and smaller age-based groups.  Our activities include music, games, snacks, M.A.D. days (making a difference), crafts, and Bible stories.

We want your children to know that God is always there. When they need them, He is there. If they are worried, He is there. When they are happy, He is there. When they are lonely, He is there. No matter what they need, feel, or desire, their Father is there.

We cherish this time with your children. When they come running up to the church with big smiles on their faces, when they tell us they can’t wait for Wednesday, when they leave and tell us they’ve had the “bestest” time, we know that God has truly been among us.

Enrollment Packets for our Wednesday Afterschool programs are available in the church office at 1800 North Llano, or begin your registration online by clicking here. For more information, please contact:  Lisa Davis, Director of Children’s Ministries, at 830-997-7679 or