Hello Church! Your friendly neighborhood communications director here bringing you some new publications to check out.

Before the new year started, your faithful Church Council Chair, Bud Harris, asked mission and ministry leaders in the church to submit a summary of all the things they accomplished in 2016. Bud has been working hard to put those submissions into a comprehensive report for you!

We are excited to share how the Holy Spirit has been moving in all the wonderful and diverse areas of our church, revealing God’s expansive love and faithfulness to His people. Check out “A Year of Fruitfulness” right here on Issuu. Hard copies will be available in the church office as well. We’ve come a long way in a year, church! It’s pretty powerful to see all those things written out on paper. I hope you’ll be encouraged and inspired by our church family’s accomplishments.

A year of fruitfulness cover

As we continue looking forward, I’m happy to bring you an updated ministry guide for Spring/Summer 2017. The programming guide edition of the Sunday Scoop is meant to be a comprehensive list of all the ongoing missions and ministries at Fredericksburg UMC. We still don’t quite have them all, but my hope is that each season we build and add and grow the guide as we build and add and grow as a church!

As always, shoot me an email at tricia@fredumc.org or give me a call here in the office at 997-7679 with any questions about our publications and communication in general! It’s my honor and privilege to serve God by serving His church. God bless you and keep you close, dear ones.

Tricia Small
Director of Communications