The Missions Ministry Committee is responsible for the proper distribution of FUMC funds budgeted and/or donated for Missionaries and non-profit groups in the local, national and international arenas. The Committee also reviews, develops and helps promote mission projects presented to it.

In fulfilling that goal/purpose, we monitor and distribute mission funds from the FUMC budget and from non-budgetary funds given to the church to be used specifically in the mission field.  Money from these funds usually go to about seven Christian based non-profits in the local area to help those who these non-profits serve, about eight Christian charities that are statewide or international and to our seven missionary families. We also help those in our church going on mission trips with partial scholarships and make contributions to the Youth Belize Mission trip.

In helping FUMC be aware of needs that they can be a part of, the Missions Committee maintains e-mail communications with our missionaries and posts them on a church bulletin board, plans and executes two Community work days annually (normally in the Spring and Fall) and organizes and distributes monthly Communion altar rail offerings.  We also sponsor the Coffee program and plan and execute special mission projects such as specific disaster fundraisers, flood bucket filling and the pre-disaster clothing drive, to name a few.

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm in Room 12 and our meetings usually last about one hour. Church members are welcome to join us.


Active Committee Members:  Chairman:  Brenda Miiller;  Beth Brady, Judy Hutcherson, Charlie Koym, Zala Koym, Jim Ryan, Liz Wunderlich, Cathy Welliver and Elaine Stewart.

Missions Committee

Beth Brady, Judy Hutcherson,Charlie Koym, Vedena Brown, Zala Koym, Brenda Miiller, Jim Ryan, Not Pictured: Elaine Stewart

If you are interested in learning more or serving on the committee, please contact the church office at (830)  997-7679, or one of the committee members.


We never want financial barriers to inhibit ministry for those with hearts and hands willing to serve. If you need financial assistance to make a mission trip possible, please click here for a scholarship application form.