This last month our Leadership Council voted to add an additional position to our staff, Associate Pastor of Family Ministry. This will be a full time position, beginning in late March. Monte Marshall will continue as our part time Associate Pastor of Discipleship and Outreach Ministries. And of course, Pastor George will be allowed to continue to hang around the church.
The vision for this position is to bring in a young (under 40), talented, female pastor who can identify with and reach out to Gen X and millennials, as well as create some new excitement and energy for our entire congregation.

We feel like it is important, for many reasons, to strive to be a true multi-generation congregation. Not least of which is that young adults, families, youth, and children face many challenges in the 21st century, and they very much need the Gospel and a nurturing, supporting church family in which to thrive and grow under God’s wisdom and grace. Surely it is our calling and duty to share our blessings, encouragement, support, and wisdom with them. We envision a team approach, where this person would work with Joel Griffin, our Youth Director, and Lisa Davis, our Children’s Director, as well as Vanessa Crabtree, our Communications Director. With the help of our Discipleship Task Force, this team would put together a comprehensive family and young adult ministry that would serve the Kingdom and grow our congregation for years to come. This will likely involve small group formation, mission/outreach projects, and possibly designing and leading an additional worship service. We also would like this position to take a lead on reaching out to the Hispanic community. This would also be a seedbed for growing our new leaders for the future. After all, the rest of us are not getting any younger! The Leadership Council feels like we can afford this step of faith, as our church finances are currently in excellent condition.

The Leadership Council voted to offer this position to Jacqui Lirette, who preached here back in early December. Jacqui is 32, married (Chris) and has three small boys. She is a certified candidate and available for appointment. The Bishop will appoint her as a Local Licensed Pastor. She will begin around March 18th. We believe Jacqui will be an excellent addition to our ministry team. She has already connected well with our staff, and has a track record of working with young families, as well as ministry with older adults. More info to follow in next month’s Thread. Time to get excited Church!