Dear Friends,

February is Foundation Month, and following is some specific information on the Fredericksburg UMC Foundation; it’s history, purpose, how to give, and where the money goes. No doubt giving to an endowment fund might not be the most exciting item on your February to do list, but I hope you will consider making this a priority. You might not be completely aware, but in the last few years The Foundation has been an amazing blessing for our congregation, our community, and even the world beyond. It has helped to fund everything from our Kid’s Music Academy to our Puppet Ministry to mission projects and local health concerns. Your gift will certainly make a difference.

Yours In Christ,

Pastor George



The Foundation was formed in 1986 by a group of dreamers who wanted to see FUMC be strong financially for all eternity to continue to do God’s work perpetually! That was 32 years ago. Like minded people have through the years heard God’s call to leave a legacy and have grown the foundation from a start of $10,000 in 1986 to it’s current balance of $786,671. Our goal of 1 Million is well within our reach!

During the month of October, the Foundation receives requests for money from our different ministries in the church.. These grants cover extra expenses the ministries would like to cover. This year included grants for choir risers (put to great use just recently at the Choral Workshop hosted here!), wireless microphones (so we can hear Pastor George better on sundays), the prayer shawl ministry, puppet ministry, and more.

We wish for you as a member of our church to help us to grow the corpus of our foundation in order for us to have more money each year to help the church accomplish all it dreams of.

So what can you do to accomplish that?

This month consider giving a monetary gift to your FUMC Foundation. There are envelopes for this at the information desk.
Consider writing a codicil to your will that would leave a % or certain amount of money to The Foundation on your death.
If giving a monetary gift upon the death of someone, make the check out to The FUMC Foundation or list the Foundation in the memo if writing it to the church. It is a charitable deduction.

The principal of your gift lives on forever, and the earnings will be used for the future financial needs of the church. Thank you for your support of your Fredericksburg UMC Foundation – and we look forward to celebrating hitting the Million Dollar Mark with you!