Every year the Rio Texas Conference of United Methodist Churches hosts the Adult Choir Workshop that attracts choirs and musicians from all over the south Texas area and even further to gather together and hear new music written by today’s church anthem writers and be led by a clinician that is one of those nationally recognized composers.

Most every year, because of the number of musicians wishing to attend the conference, the ACW is held at one of the larger church buildings in the conference either in San Antonio or Austin.  This year, the ACW will be hosted by OUR CHURCH!!  On the weekend of January 26-28, there will be church musicians from all over Texas descending on Fredericksburg and our building to be refreshed by great music and music leaders to give music directors and choir members a shot of enthusiasm and excitement to take back to their congregations.

The Workshop will begin on Friday evening with the beginning choral session led by this year’s clinician, Pepper Choplin. Pepper has written and published nearly 300 anthems and 20 church musicals along with multitude of piano books.  His anthems continue to appear on the list of top church choir pieces each year and have been sung by our own choir many times.

The Saturday session includes other class sessions for reading new music, learning about instrumental worship, understanding musician’s disciple life, handbells and more options for the church musician.  The great thing for our congregation is that there is a carry over to Sunday morning in that Pepper will lead our worship services on Sunday morning with our choir, orchestra, and probably 60 more singers from other churches that don’t want to go home!  The host church usually enjoys a super-large choir on Sunday mornings and it will definitely happen in our own sanctuary on January 28th!

So, if you are a member of our church you will be blessed on that Sunday no matter which worship time you attend.  If you are interested in attending the workshop and find out what its all about, talk to a choir member about it or check out the information online at the Rio Texas website… https://riotexas.org/events/2018/1/26/adult-choral-workshop-2018


If you’d like to help out with the hospitality and all that is involved hosting this weekend, get in touch with me (Don) by calling the church office or email at don@fredumc.org.

This will be a huge event in the life of our church – hosting the ACW doesn’t happen much in Fredericksburg!!