The Fredericksburg UMC Foundation is established to provide a means through which enduring charitable gifts will become a living memorial and a perpetual source of financial support to benefit the church and its programs.  It is the vehicle for receiving and managing gifts that look to the future and enhance the ability of the church to promote its ministries and care for its property.

Therefore, as we build our fund, we gain more income from our investments to use in the programs and needs of the church.

Think always to write your memorial gifts to the FUMC Foundation and as you plan your charitable giving this year and next, consider making the FUMC Foundation one of your tax deductible gifts.

Remember that this charitable gift will never be spent but perpetually earn money for the benefit of doing God’s work and YOUR CHURCH.

Grants are requested each year in October to support the missions of the church and related charitable organizations.  This year we funded the following grants:  All grant requests received from the church were funded and that enabled us to grant some community requests.


2018 Grants Awarded:

Scholarships for Mission Trips               2,000.00 Scholarships

Prayer Shawl Ministry                               700.00  Supplies

Music Ministry

Streaming Monitor                                 305.52

MacBook Pro                                            1500.00

Rio Texas Music Workshop                  710.00

Choral Risers                                           5,000.00

Wireless Microphone System              2,382.00

The Good Samaritan Center                    2,500.00 Diabetes meters and test strips

Christian Mens Job Corp                         1000.00  Operating expense

Mission de Candelilla                                680.00 Office needs

Puppet Ministry                                          500.00 Supplies


Total of Grants given:                           $ 17,277.52


The following graph shows the growth of our foundation since inception.  As you see we are getting closer to our goal of over 1 Million.  Keep this in mind as we approach February 2018, “Foundation Month”.  We will be contacting you to help us reach this goal.  There is so much we can do in the future to further our ministry…. let’s get this done church!

History of Foundation Assets

Maryneil Dance, Foundation Secretary


Submitted by Maryneil Dance,

Foundation Secretary