For over 100 years, United Methodists have responded to the need for a quality education for those Hispanic students that face tremendous challenges obtaining a quality education.  In 1913, Mrs. Lydia Patterson, a Methodist laywoman acting through the Women’s Missionary Society of her church, and noticing that young Hispanic boys in el barrio had no school to attend, began to setup schools in the homes of some Mexican Methodists.

Her spirit and vision is still alive today at Lydia Patterson Institute where over 400 young men and women, a majority of whom are from Ciudad Juarez, continue to be educated in a challenging academic environment while being nurtured in Christian values.

Lydia Patterson Institute or “La Lydia” as it is commonly know to its friends, has been dedicated to building bridges between two countries, two cities, and two cultures. As the only United Methodist institution on the border, it is committed to form bilingual and bicultural leaders for the church and society.

Join your Rio Texas Conference brothers and sisters in supporting the future of Lydia Patterson Institute (LPI), as they continue to educate and form generations of young people who serve the world as agents of love and transformation. Just in the history of our annual conference, graduates of LPI have included:
• 150 clergy candidates
• 11 district superintendents
• 4 military chaplains
• A United Methodist seminary president
• A United Methodist bishop
• Hundreds of laity called to vocations in law, engineering, medicine, music, and education

Our Altar Rail Offering on December 3rd will assist in the Capital Campaign for Lydia Patterson, to allow them to continue to serve for another 100 years.

You can check out the Institute’s Web page here:

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