2017-10-19 All Saints DayI’ve often wondered why the Bible gives so much precious space to lists of people’s names. Yes, many of the books are historical, and genealogies are important historical records. But for the average person reading the Bible, does it really have a lot of meaning? Or when Paul mentions a person’s name in a letter. We may or may not know much more about the person that he mentions, than the name.

Likewise, when I read the names on engraved plaques in the Columbarium, some names I recognize and remember fondly, but others I don’t recognize and I wonder who they were. It all feels very similar to reading those names in the Bible. What if those names weren’t there? Somehow the names give us a sense of time: generation after generation after generation. Those who have gone before us, those who have followed God and served their faith community are remembered. Most importantly, I think it means that God has always been a personal God. From Adam to Priscilla, God knows our name. Those lists of names become the great cloud of witnesses with whom we commune.

Coming up on November 5th is our All Saints Worship service, a time when we remember those who have died. Our Memory Garden is a beautiful place to sit and linger and remember. Join us for a special worship and prayer service in the Memorial Garden on All Saints Sunday, November 5th at 8:40 a.m. for all our saints interred in the Columbarium and placed in loving memory on the Memory Wall. If you are interested in adding the name of your family member or friend to a plaque, contact the church office.