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The Daniel Fast

by George Lumpkin

Friends, Brenda and I invite you to join with us in the Daniel Fast beginning January 7th. We want to begin the New Year in a spiritual and God focused way, in focused prayer on our congregation, our discipleship with Christ, and our community. If you wish to participate, or need more information (or moral […]

A few thoughts from your pastor

by George Lumpkin

Dear Friends, Well, once again here I am composing a pastoral letter because of yet another horrible massacre of innocents by someone well armed with easily obtainable, incredibly lethal weapons and determined to kill as many as possible.  It is beyond belief and comprehension.  An elementary school in New England, a nightclub in Florida, a country […]

Letter from the Pastor

by George Lumpkin

Dear Friends, By now I am sure you have all seen the news about the terrible, terrible, mass shooting in Las Vegas. Are not are hearts broken? Are we not in deep and profound grief over the slaughter of the innocents? Are not our souls in anguish for these poor families and friends, a broken […]