Fredericksburg Music Academy

Fredericksburg Music Academy

Fredericksburg Music Academy is actively developing the musical horizons of community children by providing high quality, low cost music instruction in a caring Christian environment.

The Kids’ Music Academy began in 2007 offering free and exceptional musical training to area families. Fredericksburg Music Academy classes begin at 4 p.m. most Thursdays during the school year.

Thank you for considering us as a supplement to your child’s musical education! We know that the Fredericksburg community has had an exceptional musical tradition for many years, and the music ministry of Fredericksburg United Methodist Church is committed to continuing that community musical tradition into the future. We don’t take that lightly and are very eager to find new and fun ways to teach our children both musical skills and the appreciation for using these talents to the glory of God.

Enrolling your child in a music program is a huge investment in his or her future. Work with music has a positive impact on children’s academic achievement in all areas. In addition to giving children a step up in finding their own musical abilities. Musical activities also help to nurture their individual creativity and self-expression. Music gives children an advantage in their academic and social development, and the Kid’s Music Academy gives each of them a better understanding of their role in God’s work here in our community.

Strategy: Singing, Theory, Instruments

At Music Academy, we teach in three specific methods. First is singing, and second is music theory. Then, we unify all of those skills by teaching a musical instrument, from recorders, to pre-band instruments, to violin and guitar. Offering all three give students the best environment for an absorption of musical skills.

Theory: Children learn the language of music through instruction in reading music and understanding music theory.  Music theory is taught through a fun computer program for 2nd graders and up, and through interactive music and movement for the younger students.

Singing: Singing is important because we all have a vocal instrument and just have to learn how to ‘play’ it.  Everyone will participate in a Choir class and have opportunities to sing together with all the students in Fredericksburg Music Academy.

Instrument: But the real musical understanding comes when you have to coordinate hands and fingers to react to the written music on the page in front of them. Beginning with basic rhythm, movement, and singing, the children are taught the fundamentals of note reading and theory. Classes include singing, clapping, and movements as well as work with rhythm sticks, xylophones, glockenspiels, drums, and a variety of rhythm instruments.

What in the world are Toots and doods?

For many years the choice ‘pre-band’ instrument to help students get a start on playing a wind instrument has been the recorder, and second graders will begin to tackle this instrument in our classes – but we don’t end there.

Some guys in England came up with the TooT – basically a recorder that has been turned so that you hold it and play it like you would a flute. They also invented the DooD, which is mostly the same thing, except the sound is made by buzzing a reed like a clarinet, and is also held like a clarinet. The Jsax is like the DooD, except it looks more like a saxophone! Instrumental class instruction for our older students includes the opportunity to play on these instruments.

Hill Country Youth Symphony Partnership

We partner with the Hill Country Youth Orchestra program under the direction of Theresa Britt who teaches the Crescendo and Allegretto ensembles. We have taught string classes since 2011, and many of our former and current students are involved in the Hill Country Youth Orchestra in Kerrville. While there is no cost involved in the KMA classes, the string component does involve tuition and instrument rental.

However, there are scholarships available for part or all of the amount. The tuition cost is $50 per month, and instrument rental can be anywhere from $20 to $50 per month depending on the rental. You may request a scholarship help to offset the tuition by completing the Scholarship Application Form when enrolling.

Guitar Instruction: Classes & Lessons

We offer a beginning ukelele and a beginning guitar class during our Thursday after-school programs. More advanced students would benefit most from private lessons. Like our string classes, while there is no cost involved in the regular Music Academy classes, the ukelele/guitar component also involves tuition and instrument rental with scholarships available.

The tuition cost is $50 per month, and instrument rental can be anywhere from $20 to $50 per month depending on the rental. You may request a scholarship help to offset the tuition by completing the Scholarship Application Form when enrolling.

Private Lessons

Other band instrument lessons and classes are offered to students 5th grade and up on an individual schedule. Flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone are taught through one private lesson each week, with additional opportunities to rehearse and perform with an ensemble included. Our administrator will work to set up a lesson time with you and your teacher. Costs include a $20 enrollment fee per semester, and approximately $25 per 30 minutes of lesson time a week with your instructor.

To sign up, fill out a registration form and select the “Private Lesson” option. Contact Don Doss with questions or ask for Don at the church office: 830-997-7679.


Donna Vaughan will continue to direct the Academy choir classes and assist the pre-schoolers.  

Briana Reitenga teaches our string classes and on the staff of the Hill Country Youth Orchestra program. Our Music Academy string classes are now a satellite organization of HCYO which means we will have more instruments available and concert opportunities with HCYO in Kerrville.

Sheila Kraus : Sheila has taught private flute for many years and has been a member of our church’s Christmas orchestra since 2010.  Sheila teaches the 2nd grade recorder class, and our pre-band wind instruments. She will also be available to teach private lessons to local students.

Melinda Brown teaches a beginning and continuing guitar class.  Melinda is a professional entertainer in the Fredericksburg area and loves to share her talents with kids!

Jeff Crabtree teaches as a private lesson teacher for the academy.  Whether you are looking at brushing up your high brass chops or learning guitar or bass Jeff might be the fit for your educational needs.

A Word to Home Schooling Parents

From Don Doss: “Having taught private instrument instruction in the Boerne home school association, I understand parents’ desire to find quality music instruction while also adding “social” opportunities for the home-schooled student. We offer the Kid’s Music Academy as an “all-in-one” source for quality music education focused on understanding music concepts, reading music notation, and using these skills in performance. Though we have many students who are also receiving music education in the public classroom, Fredericksburg Music Academy has geared all of our classes and curriculum to ensure students receive thorough training in music by the time they finish the 5th grade.”

Please pass the word to other home-school families that this music training is available for free…and it’s also FUN!

For more information, email Don Doss at or call the church office, 830-997-7679.