Mission: Border Hope – May Altar Rail

Mission: Border Hope – May Altar Rail

May 5 Altar Rail Offering Recipient

Located in Eagle Pass, TX, Mission: Border Hope is a non-profit agency rooted in the United Methodist Church mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ.  To achieve this they strive to empower diverse border men, women, and children in their community and in a cultural context. MBH serves the extra low/low/median income families of the Maverick County/Mexico border area with housing assistance (grants, loans), financial literacy, literacy programs for at-risk youth and community health and wellness program through Wesley nursing and medical missions.

Their emphasis to help those in need has these primary focuses:

  • The homeless and those with homes in need of repair.  (The colonias along the Rio Grande are renowned for their substandard housing lacking in basic services such as potable water, electricity, paved roads, proper drainage, and waste management.).
  • Those who need food and clothing.
  • Domestic violence victims and their children, many of whom are non-violent juvenile offenders.  (Substandard living conditions often lead to tensions that lead to domestic violence. )
  • People that need help learning to read and write.
  • Disaster Relief Survivors (remember all the floods on the Rio Grande?  MBH was there with relief, able bodies to help rebuild and supplies for the folks whose homes were damaged.) 

Eagle Pass has recently been part of the border crisis involving people seeking sanctuary from Central America.  MBH has helped those who legally enter the US and are on their way to families elsewhere in the country by providing necessities of life like diapers, food, clothing, health care and other such things that the immigrants need but couldn’t bring with them.

Want to know more or join a mission team to provide relief? Check out their website a https://www.missionborderhope.org/