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Putting on Compassion

from Rebekah LeClaire I want to tell you a bit about our family story. I won’t subject you to the painful details, but I can tell you that our story is a story of Darkness, a story of Cruelty, a story of Abandonment.  For long years, Despair was lurking at the back door trying to barge his way in. Then God showed up. Or more accurately, I noticed Him in ways I never had before, and He answered with a…

From the (Retired) Pastor’s Desk

Disciple Building: A personal Word I am a follower of Jesus, and have been all my life.  I was baptized at 8 months old.  I professed my faith in Christ at age 10.  For as long as I can remember, I have been embraced by God’s people in the church.  I have participated in countless worship services, Sunday School classes, Bible studies, accountability groups, retreats, mission projects, fellowship meals, and more.  I have been a lay person and clergy, a…

Trustees Approve Church Repairs

This past May 21st, the Leadership Council approved recommendations made by the Board of Trustees to repair and renovate the exterior of our church facility. The recommendations came from an in-depth study initiated by the Trustees to review the condition of our now almost 40 year old original structure. Minimal maintenance had been done in the past few years, due to funding limitations, and it was decided to prioritize some of these needed repairs to protect and preserve our church…

Fredericksburg Food Pantry

The Food Pantry Needs Your Help!  July 7th’s Communion Rail offering will go towards our community food pantry.  As you can imagine, they get plenty of donations in the fall and at Christmas, but not nearly so much in the summer.  And of course, folks need to eat all year!  So, your donations this will be especially appreciated.  You can place your offering on the altar rail during communion July 7th, mail your donation to the office or make an…


Giving and financial stewardship are vital parts of the life of any disciple of Jesus Christ. Of course, the church needs the financial support of those who are part of its ministry, but that is not the primary reason we give. More important than the ministry program’s need for funds is the Christian’s need to give. We believe that everything we own belongs to God and that God calls us to give back to him a significant portion of what He has entrusted to us. We do this primarily through our giving to the church, and regular, systematic giving is important as we live out our faith. Tithing (giving 10% of our income) or proportional giving is the practice that best demonstrates this practice.