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Monte’s sermon on “Transform!” jogged my brain a bit. I remember in my youth days sooo long ago I sang a youth choir song that was called ‘Conform’ – I thought it was in one of those very early musicals but I couldn’t find it. That got me started very early age considering whether or not I should conform to the world.  Then when I was in college studying the Romans passage, I found out that in the original Greek…

United Methodist Women Host: The Refuge DMST

You are invited to hear a speaker from The Refuge DMST (domestic minors out of sex trafficking) on Thursday, October 17 from 12:30-2 in the Fredericksburg United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, 1800 N. Llano Street. The Refuge Ranch just celebrated its first anniversary of being in operation, providing the tools for young girls rescued out of sex trafficking to be restored to health. The United Methodist Women will provide a complimentary salad luncheon for attendees. Please come be their guest…

Community Mission Day

The Missions Committee has set Saturday, Nov. 16 as our next Community Mission Day.   Please save the date on your calendar. The Missions Committee first sponsored a Mission Day in 2011, and we have had two each year since then.  Some of the jobs we have completed over the years include: Paint a house – This was our first project and it took several days to finish.  We learned that some jobs are too big for a single day’s…

World Communion Sunday

On October 6, we of Fredericksburg UMC will have the opportunity to join other Methodists around the world in helping to secure the future of our faith and of our world.  The altar-rail offering will be used by the denomination to provide scholarships to people around the globe who have been called by God to serve Him, yet don’t have the means to get the higher education necessary to do so. What an easy, yet highly effective way to show…


Giving and financial stewardship are vital parts of the life of any disciple of Jesus Christ. Of course, the church needs the financial support of those who are part of its ministry, but that is not the primary reason we give. More important than the ministry program’s need for funds is the Christian’s need to give. We believe that everything we own belongs to God and that God calls us to give back to him a significant portion of what He has entrusted to us. We do this primarily through our giving to the church, and regular, systematic giving is important as we live out our faith. Tithing (giving 10% of our income) or proportional giving is the practice that best demonstrates this practice.