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Acts of the Church: Unity

Unfortunately, our Video system had some problems on this Sunday and we were not able to livestream or video record the service. We do have available the audio from the sermon on our podcast and in the player below.



Note: Don and our Associate Music Director, Jeff Crabtree attended an Instrumental Church Music Conference in May – here are some of Don’s reflections on the topics.  One item that was spoken of at the conference more than most others, besides ‘worship’ was Intergenerational Worship (IW). Since this was a gathering of ‘instrumental’ directors, you would figure that most of the shop talk would be about how to tune a saxophone (hard) or what to do with too many oboes…

Making Disciples

A Process for Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World. Dear Friends,  What is the Church’s mission?  As already stated above:  To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  Very straightforward, of course, but incredibly challenging and complex in the challenging and complex 21st century.  And yet, very exciting and inspiring when you see it happening, when you see someone who is truly being set free from the bondages of addiction, unforgiveness,…

It’s a story about Horse hockey and The Little Red Hen (A Garden Update!)

The Garden of Eat’n was started over three years ago – located at the far end of the church’s parking lot. We plant yellow and zucchini squash, tomatoes, egg plant, peppers and cucumbers (but no corn). In the spirit of mission, much of the produce grown in the garden is donated to either the local food pantry or to The Golden Hub Senior Center. We’ve been hard at work in the community garden. Jeff Hallford brought in and spread a…

Altar Rail June 2

We celebrate Communion the first Sunday of each month and in conjunction take a special ‘second mile’ offering left on the altar rail during communion. June 2, 2019 the altar rail will support Lydia Patterson Institute. For over 100 years, United Methodists have responded to the need for a quality education for those Hispanic students that face tremendous challenges obtaining a quality education. In 1913, Mrs. Lydia Patterson, a Methodist laywoman acting through the Women’s Missionary Society of her church, and…


Giving and financial stewardship are vital parts of the life of any disciple of Jesus Christ. Of course, the church needs the financial support of those who are part of its ministry, but that is not the primary reason we give. More important than the ministry program’s need for funds is the Christian’s need to give. We believe that everything we own belongs to God and that God calls us to give back to him a significant portion of what He has entrusted to us. We do this primarily through our giving to the church, and regular, systematic giving is important as we live out our faith. Tithing (giving 10% of our income) or proportional giving is the practice that best demonstrates this practice.